Floating Worlds | Stephen Baker & Sarah Kelk


Floating Worlds brings together a collection of recent works by Melbourne artists Sarah Kelk and Stephen Baker. The exhibition draws upon botanical themes, and the interplay between the natural landscape and manmade world.

Complementary yet distinct, Stephen and Sarah’s works are a surprisingly happy pairing. Where Stephen’s meticulously rendered scenes play with two and three dimensionality, Sarah’s abstract planes appear to float and shift across the canvas. 

Stephen Baker is an accomplished self taught studio and mural artist, with a formal background in design. His distinctive figurative works incorporate clean lines and bold geometric landscapes, where faceless figures appear to occupy a futuristic world. Stephen’s works in this series explore how we bring elements of nature into the spaces we inhabit, seeking connection with the natural world. 

Sarah Kelk is a Melbourne artist and designer, whose gestural abstract works on canvas combine deliberate shapes and accidental brushstrokes. Working with a predominantly muted colour palette, Sarah experiments with subtleties in texture and pattern. In this series, Sarah draws inspiration from American nature essayist John Burroughs - ‘I go to nature to be soothed and healed, and to have my senses put in order’.

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