In a Temperate Climate | Elizabeth Barnett


In a Temperate Climate is the latest body of work by Melbourne artist Elizabeth Barnett. This series of paintings depicts intimate domestic spaces filled with exotic and interesting plants, colour, treasured objects and furniture. 

Barnett’s imagined interiors are strangely familiar. Overflowing with Fiddleleaf Figs, Philodendron and Hoya, these lush green domestic sanctuaries are comforting and renewing.  

Each painting encourages a voyeuristic glimpse into the unattended space of its occupant. Whether it’s a hot cup of tea, pair of garden secateurs or plate of biscuits orphaned momentarily, the interior setting suggests finer details about the inhabitant’s life and daily rituals.

‘Plants are wonderful subjects for paintings. The breadth of species on offer is endless and exciting. Every plant can look different in changing light, if pruned into different shapes or set in different settings. Each collection of plants tells a story about the owner of the space. The interiors become portraits in their own right’ - Elizabeth Barnett.

Elizabeth Barnett has a Bachelor of Arts from The Victorian College of the Arts.

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