Overgrown | Belynda Henry


Overgrown is the latest collection of works by Wynne Prize finalist, artist Belynda Henry. Belynda paints from her home studio in the Dooralong Valley, NSW where she is surrounded by 40 acres of unspoilt Australian countryside. It is this rich visual backdrop that has been the artist’s primary source of inspiration for this exhibition.

In this series Belynda explores nature in its purest form. From her front porch, surrounded by towering gum trees, to the rolling hills beyond her property, Belynda collects and archives her ‘landscape memories’. No scene goes unnoticed. She takes fleeting moments of nature at its wildest and most unruly, depicting the landscape she calls home with joy and sincerity.

Belynda’s paintings are emotional responses to the seasons, as observed from her 360 degree vantage point in the valley. In this series, her distinctive muted palette gradually transforms from the cooler tones of winter to warm coral and pink hues, pointing to new life in spring. Working with acrylic paint and pastel, Belynda paints intuitively. Her canvases are layered with deceptive detail – sparkling water shimmers in the foreground, while peaks and valleys delicately rendered in soft pastel hues recede into the distance.

Influenced by pioneering Australian landscape artists including Clarice Beckett, Max Meldrum and Polly Hurry, Belynda’s contemporary reimagining of her surroundings offers a new interpretation of our nation’s romantic backdrop. 

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